Dreamgirl’s Sweet spots ???!!!!

There are sweet spots and then there are sweet spots… I always thought the " sweet spot" was the one in your heart, where you kept your inner most feelings about people you ‘re fond of but never wanted them to know.  A place where you went and thought about things that  never have a chance of happening but it was a catharsis and took you away for just moments . It made you feel good when things weren’t goin’ so good. I find my " sweet spot " filling up with TIGERS ! I’m lost when they have a night off!    I worry about their well being, hoping everything is happy in their lives. Their worlds must be difficult even though it seems perfect.  I’m sure thay live with the knowledge that good decisions have great consequences! Oh brother I sound like the team mom ! Well I  actually could be to alot of them I guess. Here’s a reality for you… The ones I grew up with are pretty old and are probably great grandparents over and over.  Well that makes me sound pretty old but… I’m  not that old . As a matter of fact I have a pretty big birthday coming up next year…. can’t bring myself to saying which one  but… the fact that it occurs on Good Friday seems like a sign…  probably one of life’s biggest jokes on me, and not only that … but my anniversary is on Ash Wednesday !!!

What  does that mean?  It means  I’m going to have alot of fun THIS year just in case! I just need to remember the good decision thing though …

sorry  I drifted a bit…

Anywayz………… the other " sweet spot"…

I’m at work and one of my freinds and I start talking Tigers… he’s the ultimate baseball fan of all time. He has a "wall of balls"  hundreds.. signed and protected . He goes to Lakeland  every year !  WOW.. NOW I want to go… I could never match that collection but there are a number of balls I want to get signed! That brings me to the other sweet spot !   The one on the ball….. now how do I go about asking the THAT question ?  Mr. Rodriquez… will you sign my sweet spot? I don’t think so… uh.. uh… How about Mr Rodriguez … will you sign my ball ‘s sweet spot?  Can’t say that with a straight face.  I guess  it gets  to sounding like everything other conversation at work .  IN THE GUTTER …I want them to take me seriously. How about the line from the movie … Have you seen my baseball ? spoken with a lisp.. … nah… I’ll think of something … hopefully I will get a chance..

Duh… they already know you want it on the sweet spot right?

OK so …..

Hey …. this was quite a week huh ?  Those silly birds … what were they thinking?  The big cats of Detroit  were pretty hungry …  no choking on those feathers… And  they did it with CLASS !!  I now can say " the Sheff is  IN " !!! His display of professionalism spoke volumes.  He held his composure as no one else… And when the time was right… BOOM… the ultimate take that… In such a low key way. WOW !!! I loved it.. My apologies for holding out on you…   "sweet spot"

The  near fracus was exciting though … geeze Pudge … no hesitation there… got right in his face… I wish I could make all that out !!!  Don’t get yourself hurt.

Zoom Zoom …  Grilli  .. holy  **** …..  I didn’t know pitchers could run that fast !!  Remember save your arm for  pitching !!!  and …. slow to anger….. just like the good book says….

Glad it all turned out so good.  The icing was the " SWEEP"   ….  Now go get those Royals….

You all make me proud, can’t wait to get back to the park. (" sweet spot" )

Until then …see you on TV…



One comment

  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Yeah, there are some players I’ve known around the game who will sign the sweet spot only very rarely. BTW, make sure you come over to the community blog and tell everyone what your favorite MLBlogs title is!



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