Dreamgirl Knows Sleep….zzzzz

You got to Sleep to make your dreams come true !!!

… and dreams can come true if you sleep and sleep well. 

Bring your  “A” game to every game.

  Ok you’re on a CHAMPIONSHIP ROLL ….  KEEP IT GOING !!!!

   Have you ever really paid attention to what people talk the most about?   Just  listen!   The conversation will be about their diets or their sleep. We are so caught up in living life to it’s fullest, we deprive ourselves of the most precious element we require to sustain it!

Sleep….. It’s so abused.

It’s not the mattress or the pillow; it’s the quality of your sleep that matters.  You need all stages of sleep especially REM. If you deprive yourself time to sleep or the aren’t getting “quality “ sleep it will spell disaster.

It is as important as the air you breathe and the food you eat. Maybe more.

We burn the candle at both ends everyday and do not realize the price we actually pay.  Every time we don’t get the right amount of sleep we create a “ sleep debt” and the bigger the debt the more chance you’ll fall asleep when you least expect.  Or at the least, not perform to your fullest! The tiniest fraction of a second could bring big trouble when you’re sleepy.

Athletes in the best physical shape can and do have poor sleep. I can only imagine the aches and pains you endure getting hit by a pitch or taking a foul ball off the foot. Not to mention the everyday grind of keeping in shape. How’s your blood pressure by the way? Hopefully you don’t snore  ‘cause that  could open up a bigger can of worms!! 

Take little advise from someone whose job it is to get people their best sleep.  Working in an accredited  Sleep Disorders Center, I’ve seen just about everything.  Believe me, the sleep habits of regular people are incredible!!!  The pressures of championship athletes are unimaginable!

I’m rooting for our TIGERS all the way… this IS your year…

Hey Pudge…  # 7 leads the way  in ’07 !!! sounds good don’t you think ?

Lead the pack and bring it home!!

BLESS YOU BOYS…….save me a seat in October.

See you in my dreams !!!


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